Your protection follows you everywhere you go!

You don’t know when or where it will happen. But when it does, you WILL know that Second Call Defense is there to help IMMEDIATELY. Anytime. Anywhere. Whether you’re at home, work, or on vacation, your protection follows you throughout the United States.*

And that’s not all. Here are other powerful reasons to be a member of Second Call Defense:

We recommend you call 911 to summon help, then call Second Call Defense. That very moment, your Rapid Response team will begin providing you with the legal information necessary to deal with law enforcement and start the process of protecting your rights.

Some organizations claim to have a “network” of attorneys. But what good does it do you if they have only a handful of attorneys on their list or if the nearest attorney is far away or even in another state? Some even have a secret “confidential contract” with their attorneys that limit their compensation even when the organization promises you “no limit” representation. Second Call Defense has access to EVERY defense attorney in the country and we do NOT have secret agreements with any of them. We want you to have the best attorney possible for your matter and for that attorney to be free to defend you zealously and completely

There is no waiting. No approval period. No delay. Immediately upon confirming your SCD membership and prima facie showing of self-defense, the moment you need cash for an attorney, bail, or other covered expenses, we’ll handle it immediately. In fact, we will wire cash to the attorney on your case to be sure your defense begins IMMEDIATELY.

Be careful about the fine print for other organizations. Many are actually “reimbursement” plans that require you to pay for most of your legal expenses out of your own pocket then apply to be paid back. Second Call Defense is NOT a reimbursement plan. You never pay out of pocket for bail, retainer, legal fees, or anything else. We pay all the bills for you up to the limits of your membership level. And you NEVER have to pay back anything.

Unlike some organizations that protect you only when you’re carrying a handgun, Second Call Defense protects you no matter what legal weapon you use. The protection follows YOU, not your choice of weapon. So, for example even if you use someone else’s firearm in self defense, you’re protected.

Some organizations require you to have a CCW “permit” before they’ll protect you. But what if you don’t carry? Or what if your state allows carry without a permit? Or your state does not require a CCW permit to carry a knife. What if you’re at home? We believe you have the right to protect yourself everywhere no matter what. So, we do NOT require any license, permit, or government “approval.” If you’re a resident of the U.S., that’s good enough for us.

Many people who have legal protection while on the job are legally naked when off-duty. That’s why Second Call Defense is a must for people in these professions.

We’ll automatically and conveniently bill your credit card so you’ll never miss a payment and will always be protected. No invoices or deadlines to worry about. Of course, if you prefer to make just one annual payment, you can choose that option when you join.

Spouses can often be involved in self-defense situations, so you might want to have protection for your wife, husband, or domestic partner, whichever their gender identity. To make this more affordable, we can add a spouse or domestic partner to your membership plan for just a few dollars. He, She, or non binary will be considered a full member and share ALL the same benefits.

There is no long-term contract. No commitment to maintain certain terms. No cancellation fees. You can increase or decrease your level of protection at any time.  Membership is designed for your convenience.

* Membership not available to residents of NJ, NY, WA. and U.S. Territories.